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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

20/20 Baby!

Coming from a family where most wear glasses or contacts I have been fortunate over the years that I never saw the need to go into see an optometrist with a any concerns over my ability to see properly and because of that havent had my eyes properly checked in at least 15 years aside from the basic check as part of renewing ones drivers license.

At long last though yesterday I went into see one as I figured I was well past due and wanted to make sure that I could still see as well as I thought I could.

Sure enough, I got a clean bill of health with 20/20 vision and only a very slight stigmatism in the left eye... oh well.

Heres hoping I can make it another 15 years without the need for another visit or glasses of some sort... however I figure that Ill wont wait as long to see one again.

Last fall we had a health screening as part of the new insurance plan that my company went to and I was surprised that they didnt have any vision or hearing tests similar to what many of us remember from elementary school.

Granted not all I suggested it to thought it important, I figured that itd be useful to know if I can see and hear well so that when I dont do what my manager asks of me we can know if Im just lazy, ignoring him or just cant hear him.


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