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I Hate Linux

Friday, September 22, 2006


Shortly after getting out of bed this morning I hopped onto a website I do every morning (that is ad free), made a few clicks, entered a value and then was prompted by a notification from IE that a script being executed contained an error... “I didn’t know this page had any scripts... but I do trust them.”

Of course a moment later I realized my mistake as things such as System Doctor 2006 were forced onto my system.

Lucky for me though and my l33t skills... all was cleaned off (most by hand) in about 45 minutes... but not so l33t as to have prevented this in the first place

Sure... if I was running FireFox or Opera it may have been less likely to happen. This will however give me the last incentive I need to throw on IE7 RC1 at home, something I had been avoiding as my bank only recently started supporting it.

Unfortunate for me... this was the second time in 3 months that this spyware package had hit my system. How do I know this? Because this one, just like the last one left the same collection of VB6 applications in the root of my C: drive.

This experience does remind me though... I think am in the wrong industry. Sure digital television is fun and interesting... there has got to be oodles of money to be made in this illegitimate industry.


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