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Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm a warm hearted bastard

As discussed earlier... I am a cold heartless bastard... but also I am also a warm hearted one as well... just depends on the situation and last night was one of those cases.

Being at the wedding a couple friends and I decided to show our love with a little covert decorating of the happy couples hotel room (this is something that is done at weddings in this group of friends).

Immediately after the reception and before the dance, Kevin, Stephanie and I made our way to a local dollar store, auto parts store and a Walgreens to buy supplies and then bide our time.

Come around 9pm we slipped out of the dance and made our way next door to where we had earlier learned that the happy couple was staying.

Ideally when doing something like this it's good to call ahead and get the hotel manager to help you out. In this case it was a bit of a problem as he thought we were going to destroy the room... so as to put his mind at ease, Stephanie gave him her number and other info and promised that she and Kevin would come back in the morning and clean up anything that needed cleaning.

So after getting in (unescorted amazingly) we began our work which included:

  • Saran wrapped their toilet
    Watch where you go
  • Fill the hot tub full of balloons
    The Jacuzzi
  • Taped a mirror on top of the bed
  • Short sheeted the bed
    Short Sheet
  • Attach a toy set of hand cuffs to a lamp
  • Add dish soap to the hot tub jets
  • Write a few friendly messages on the mirrors
  • Leave a disposable camera in the room on which we took some jokingly provocative pictures of us and a note which said "we've taken plenty of pictures for you... why don't you take some for us?"
  • Spider webbed the room
  • Spider web
    Multi-room spider web
  • Sprayed silly string around the hot tub

For those worried... we left several lights on so that they would not accidentally run into the web and even left a knife near the door so they could get through quickly (if they didn't want to undo it properly).

So a good time had by the three of us for sure... and I expect Bri and Pat had a good laugh as well.

Next stop... the Latanda and Brandon (aka Fish) wedding next month.


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