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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

HD #2 re-re-re-re-re-visit

Given HD (hand doctor) #4 being out of ideas other than having me see someone else on the east coast, today I saw HD #2 again for the first time since late may as it was he who referred me to HD #4 before we looked at external options... and external options it looks like it will be.

Over the next few days will be collecting every note, test result and other relevant piece of documentation on my hand issues and attempted diagnosis me in this issue and send it all off to the Mayo Clinic to see if they want to give diagnosis a try.

HD #2's office actually thinks that I could hear back from Mayo with an appointment date within the next two weeks... when I'd actually be seen is another question... but a two week turn around time for a once over on my records and a decision as to what they want to do to/with me over a day or two in under two weeks at such a place is not a bad deal IMO.

In the mean time, HD #2's office will also need to send a 'letter of medical necessity' to my insurance company so as to ask for such a trip to be considered 'in network'. Given I've really exhausted all in network (that HD #1, 2 and 4 are aware of) resources this shouldn't be an issue... but given this is an insurance company... there is no way to know for sure.

Now where was I... oh yes, waiting, a familiar state.



  • Good luck Brendan - I mentioned at the user meeting - my experience with my father's heart condition at 3 levels of medical care (local, SF Heart Institute, and University (MN)) has shown me the huge disparity of talent as you progress from level to level...what was hopeless locally, and a 20% chance of success in SF at Heart hospital turned out to be an operation with decent odds in Minn at the University (and the Mayo Clinic I believe is still a step above them)...so press on, get that appointment as soon as possible, and I hope that the right people give you the answers and help you haven't gotten so far. Never ceases to amaze me - whether its Tennis, Software Development, and even medical advice - how there can be such a huge disparity of talent at each level. Best of luck. Brad

    By Anonymous BradO, at 11:06 AM  

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