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I Hate Linux

Monday, October 05, 2009


Despite being raised in the Democratic People's Republic of Minnesota and disliking almost everything about it... I still find myself listening to Garage Logic (one of the few redeeming products/exports (aside from scotch tape))... I still tend to root for the Vikings and Twins as I've not found new teams to root for.

While working on some coding this evening I've had the Vikings vs Packers game on and honestly in a predicament... do I root for the hated Packers... or for the 'hometown' Vikings who so easily gave into the demands of the drama queen that is Brent Favre.

Either way... it's been some good football... well except for all of the TV breaks which completely ruin the flow of the game. Oh how I miss attending college football games where the outcome is more or less pre-determined (massive loss).


  • As a life long Minnesota Sports fan and conservative, I feel your pain. At least living here may have prepared you somewhat for your present place of residence and employment. May I suggest another local export whose radio has recently been syndicated. Check out www.jasonlewisshow.com. Enjoy your blog and your insight on WHS. Thanks.

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