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Monday, August 17, 2009

Jay Inslee: Less of a coward?

After the joke that was the telephone 'town hall' 3 weeks ago, it appearances that Congressmen Inslee has finally decided to stand before his constituents in person and not just hide behind screened phone calls.

It seems though the person writing the press release didn't get the memo that this is no longer a debate over health care, but now health insurance.

I cannot tell say how thrilled I was at this news (which I've been slow to post I'm afraid) as I had called his office several times during the first week of the august recess asking when such town halls would occur... a question that generally didn't receive the most favorable answer.

I for one will be there with camera in hand and questions related to why he wants to open the market up to only a single competitor and not invoke Article I, Section 8 and supersede state insurance mandates and open up the field to out of state competition when it comes to health insurance.

Given his behavior during the telephone town hall and initial reluctance to have these in person town halls... I'm forced to leave the question mark in place in the title of this post. Only time will tell if it is warranted or not.



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