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Monday, March 26, 2007

Bruising of a 60 year old

As my 3 regular readers are no doubt aware... I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front and figured it about time to explain.

A month ago I went under the knife for an arthroscopic carpal tunnel release in the hopes of fixing some ongoing issues with my hands.

Being a computer guy, carpal tunnel has always been a risk and believe it or not we believe that I’ve had it since before I had a computer... it only faired up with certain kinds of clutching... such as with writing instruments, game controllers or other fine work... unfortunately in the late summer/early fall of 2006 I began to have similar issues while on the PC while at home or work... and even extending to other activities such as holding a cell phone to my ear or even clutching a steering wheel.

Unfortunately... it seems that the surgery didn’t quite fix me while also causing a few added complications.

According to the doctor, most people who have the surgery have minor pain for the first few days afterwards and other than not being able to (per doctors orders) lift more than 6 lbs during the first 6 weeks after surgery, recovery is quick. I was not so lucky.

Immediately after waking after surgery I had some severe pain in my left hand anytime I moved a finger even slightly... pain that the proscribed hydrocodone (vicodine (a good strong narcotic)) could do nothing for. I also ended up with a fair bit of bruising on my arms that the doctor said he’s only seen in 60 year olds who down aspirin like candy and a fair bit of residual stiffness and pain that has required physical therapy

The odd thing is that despite the pain and discomfort from typing or mousing at the PC... I’ve had few issues when playing an xbox 360 for even a couple hours at a stretch.

Despite the original issues still remaining the doctor is confident that the surgery has fixed me and that it will take weeks (6) or even months (12) after surgery for things to be completely fixed... I’m hoping he’s right and will be seeing him in another month so we’ll see.

In the mean time I continue on my mini job hunt. Back on the 15th of February I was forced to resign my full time programming job in large part due to my hands and while needing to get some full time work so as to pay the bills before to long, I haven’t been pushing to hard on that front as I cannot bring myself to accept a job when I would not be able to do the work it would require for some time.


  • Sorry about your Carpal Tunnel, dude. Some friends I know have this and I recommend two things:

    1) Try a trackball.. They said that helped.
    2) If you use a mouse, where you usually put your index finger (on the "left" mouse button for right-handed people), use your middle finger. Again, some people I know
    have some success with this.

    Hope you feel better.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:16 PM  

  • i got linked to your website for the student loan debt from amazon. i was reading your comments and when i found out you were a fellow engineer i thought i would check your blog out (before donating my money). that is really sad about your job-but so obvious. it is called karma-for being a racist,a cruel human being, Ignorant and a generally stupid person (clearly low brow). My boyfriend (PhD software engineering, a little step up) had a serious injury occur to his right hand--his employer liked him so much that he works with a helper now and got a fancy new tablet PC. oh well, i guess that's canada for you! we don't have any student debt either as our tuition is only about 4000 a term and oh i forgot-free healthcare too! sucks to be you--

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:40 AM  

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