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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006

For the most part, it's all over.

It seems the Democrats picked up the House of Representatives... good.

They make have picked up the Senate... bad (but even if they did they would not have the votes to convict on an impeachment).

South Dakota passed Constitutional Amendment C (the gay marriage ban)... bad (IMO) as it means we are putting into our constitution what is already codified in our law.

Initiated Measure 5 (restrictions on the use of state owned or leased aircraft) also won out... another shame me thinks, but not one I am going to go into here.

We upped the tax on cigarettes... interesting...

Shot down a repeal of video lottery... no surprise there as this is the... 3rd time I remember this has happend.

Referred law 6 (the abortion ban) also was shot down by a margin of ~35k votes, quite a surprise to many, myself included.

No, I'm not surprised because I hate woman and wanted it to pass... or because I hate babies and wanted it to get shot down in the courts. I'm surprised because it seemed to me that the voters of South Dakota wanted another battle to take up through the courts and say "Hey Feds! Let us run our own lives and set our own laws!"

It seems though... I was wrong.

No doubt we haven't heard the last out of the anti-abortionist camp, the question now remains when will their next move and when.

I'll be especially interested to see if my theory holds true, unlike my previous one (ie about the ban passing and why).

Full (South Dakota) results can be found here: http://www.sdsos.gov/results/statwide.shtml.


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