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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The first casualty of the Democrat victory?

Up until Tuesday's elections, one point (of the few) that the Republicans tried to campaign on was how they have kept the American people safe and if the Democrats are elected then the terrorists would win and we would all be at a greater risk of harm.

While we haven't been attacked yet, there is one man who I suspect who might be the first casualty, Arizona Senator John McCain:

Back in October Senator McCain said: "I think I'd just commit suicide" if the Democrats win the Senate in the 2006 elections, something they seem to have done.

Will we one day soon turn on our favorite cable news channel and year that he took his own life?

Doubtful... but after this incident I really couldn't care either way.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006

For the most part, it's all over.

It seems the Democrats picked up the House of Representatives... good.

They make have picked up the Senate... bad (but even if they did they would not have the votes to convict on an impeachment).

South Dakota passed Constitutional Amendment C (the gay marriage ban)... bad (IMO) as it means we are putting into our constitution what is already codified in our law.

Initiated Measure 5 (restrictions on the use of state owned or leased aircraft) also won out... another shame me thinks, but not one I am going to go into here.

We upped the tax on cigarettes... interesting...

Shot down a repeal of video lottery... no surprise there as this is the... 3rd time I remember this has happend.

Referred law 6 (the abortion ban) also was shot down by a margin of ~35k votes, quite a surprise to many, myself included.

No, I'm not surprised because I hate woman and wanted it to pass... or because I hate babies and wanted it to get shot down in the courts. I'm surprised because it seemed to me that the voters of South Dakota wanted another battle to take up through the courts and say "Hey Feds! Let us run our own lives and set our own laws!"

It seems though... I was wrong.

No doubt we haven't heard the last out of the anti-abortionist camp, the question now remains when will their next move and when.

I'll be especially interested to see if my theory holds true, unlike my previous one (ie about the ban passing and why).

Full (South Dakota) results can be found here: http://www.sdsos.gov/results/statwide.shtml.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Results Time

No doubt other states have a similar page... but here in South Dakota when the election results start to come in there is only one place to turn... screw the tv and radio, this is the internet age baby!

So far with 12 precincts reporting incumbent Stephanie Herseth has a commanding 72 to 26% lead over Bruce Whalen and it is pretty safe to say that she'll be going back to Washington for another 2 years... of course just about everyone (including Bruce himself I'd wager) could have told you before this election ever began.

As for the biggest issue on our ballet this year, referred law 6 (aka the abortion ban), only four precincts (of 818) have reported and it’s already a close battle, 714 for repeal and 750 for keeping the ban (49% vs 51%).

As said previously, I fully expect the abortion ban to be upheld... it’s the other measures and amendments I’m not so sure of... I do expect though that history will repeat itself here and we will see a whole heck of a lot of no’s from the voters on just about anything that’d change our laws or constitution.

In South Dakota we... dislike change. In fact only 3 years ago did we finally make the final move to indoor plumbing and believe you me, it took a great deal of work.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pre-class anxiety

Note: This post was written ~5pm today but was unable to be posted until ~9pm.

As only a few people know, recently I became a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) due to a new moonlighting job at New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Sioux Falls and tonight... is the first night of my first class: Introduction to C# Programming with Microsoft .NET: Course 2609.

I've got the traditional pre-performance jitters as mixed with the 'oh god I hope I don't screw up and get fired from the new job' sort as well.

I have little doubt that I'll do great*, but there is still the general anxiety... something it is quite rare for me to get.

One of these days I'll do a quick write up about where this job came from as it is a brief and sorta interesting tale.

*A couple of weeks back when in a class to train future trainers we had 2 hours to prepare for a 30 minute presentation, something I thought I did quite well at and something the instructor agreed with. In fact his only beef... was that I talked really really fast.

President Pelosi?

Come election day I am one of those that hopes that the Democrats take complete control of the House of Representatives while the Republicans maintain control of the Senate as the House Republicans need a good 2 year long timeout for getting not much of anything done during the last two years, not to mention the totality of their 2006 campaign platform as being able to be stated as: "We aren't Democrats. We won't surrender to the terrorists as they will. We wont raise your taxes."

While it is perhaps a true statement... it's not much better than "Vote for us cause... well... I dunno, just vote for us would ya? We like puppies!" and doesn't instill much of confidence from their base, not to mention the fact that their campaign has been about what they will not do... have we heard anything on what they will do? FairTax anyone?

That being said, I had a horrific thought last week while talking to a friend about the question of if John Kerry will remain resolute in not apologizing for his claimed attempt at humor... or if he will give into pressure and apologize and if he were to... would that be flip-flopping? (shame he gave in with his so called apology).

What if... the Democrats picked up not only the House of Representatives... but also the Senate?

Such a blow to the Republicans would effectively cripple the ability of President Bush to do... damn near anything whether it be getting legislation passed, judges confirmed, continue the war on terror or take Air Force One out for a spin.

While this is a pretty terrible thought to most conservatives out there... there's the possibility of something far far worse, far worse than the much feared idea of Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House if the Democrats win... we could see Nancy Pelosi become President.


Think about it... provided the Democrats can control at least 218 votes in the House and 67 in the senate, it would be a simple matter to impeach, convict and remove from office President Bush.

While some would argue that the President has not committed anything resembling 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors'... others would claim that the NSA wiretapping program, intelligence leading up to the Iraq invasion and others would be cause enough.

Part of the reason I bring this up was because of a quote I remember an NBC pundit saying during the impeachment of President Clinton, it was something to the effect of: "Does this now create a precedent for future legislators who be able to remove an unpopular President from office who has committed no crime?"

Granted this pundit doesn't seem to think that perjury is a crime, it does raise an interesting overall question as the only thing stopping an impeachment is sufficient levels of dislike or hate of the President.

No matter the reason, it would be possible and as a result, Vice President Dick Cheney would ascend to the office of President... one he wouldn't hold for very long.

Today in Washington there are 3 men who I see as the principal opponents and thorns in the collective side of the Democrat party... or perhaps even an ‘unholy trinity'. In order of perceived suffering and pain they have caused they are:

  1. Karl Rove

  2. President Bush

  3. Vice President Cheney

If the Democrats were successful in removing their #2 pain from office, I do not think it a long shot to see them also try to remove #3... which would also in effect remove #1.

Why would Karl Rove he be out of a job? The #2 person in the line of succession today is Congressmen Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and a job and position likely occupied by Nancy Pelosi should the Democrats win, and if the impeachments were to happen, the Office of President would be hers.

Do we really think that she'd want to keep him around if she ascended? Or for that matter do we think he'd want to stay around if she became Madam President?

Even if the Democrats do not pick up the House and or Senate tomorrow... they can still win in the end (ie 2008) if the Republicans keep dinking around in Washington and continue to get so little done.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Is HB 1215 nothing but a brilliant ploy?

I'm a chess player and as much as I like to win, I will also lose graciously when my opponent uses a series of moves to exploit weaknesses that I was unaware while keeping such a ploy from being obvious and when it's all over (or even midway through), I'll complement them on those good moves.

I am wondering if the pro-abortionists will be able to show a similar degree of respect to the South Dakota legislature and especially HB 1215's authors if a little theory of mine holds true.

I've said previously, the South Dakota abortion ban will never go into effect as written even if the voters uphold it on November 7th. While that might be seen as a loss for the laws authors and its supporters... what if it was nothing but a brilliant ploy? A ploy to force the pro-abortionists to play their cards early and solidify a platform... that would be worthless not long later.

One way or another, HB 1215 will not be the last attempt by South Dakota to restrict access to abortions and in any future attempt exceptions will be included whether they be as suggested by higher courts... the opposition of previous attempts.

Virtually all of the arguments I hear against the abortion ban are that it lacks exceptions for rape, incest and the health of the mother... a list which is quite specific compared to the more broad arguments one generally hears at the national level such as "a woman's right to choose," "my body, my choice," or "it should be between a woman, her doctor and her family."

What if a 2nd piece of legislation were to include those three exceptions and be passed and end up before the voters not unlike HB 1215? The pro-abortionists would no doubt oppose it... but their ability to do so would be significantly limited as their key points that they won on in past would no longer be valid. Instead, they would have to fall back on others and no matter what they are or how valid they might be, they would almost automatically be nullified by anti-abortionist advertising that might sound like this:

Last year the opponents of the abortion ban said that you should oppose it because it lacked exceptions for rape, incest and the health of the mother... exceptions which now exist in the new ban... and yet they now oppose a law that includes the very things they fought for. How can they expect to be taken seriously when they have to keep inventing new reasons to oppose a law that would respect and save life, both born and unborn alike.

Granted though, I could be wrong.

If this first attempt was just a ploy and the second ban were to be successful and go into effect, I would have to make it a point to drive out to Pierre and find the legislator who plotted this, shake their hand and say only: "Well played!"

I wouldn't do such a thing because I my side won or lost... but because I always appreciate a brilliant move whether it be political, social, militarily or even just on a chess board.

I am forced to wonder if the pro-abortionists could in their reeling from such a loss be able to do the same and recognize and appreciate how they were beaten, even if only to use the experience in their later work to repeal the ban... if my prediction is correct and they were to be beaten.