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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Compulsory Kindness

Minnesota is known for its socialist leanings and as such many of the people I grew up knowing have similar beliefs.

Tuesday night I had dinner with a friend and his mom at the Tea House, a wonderful Chinese restaurant with Sesame Beef that is to die for (should I ever end up on death row (here’s hoping I made it worth it) I want Sesame Beef for my last meal) and while there we got into some political discussions and had my friends mom on the side that we should all try to be nice... which I agreed with for the most part however did push my opinion that compulsory kindness is neither kind or appropriate.

Being the nutty Libertarian I am I’ll argue that the government has little business in propping up people who are unwilling or unable to provide for themselves and instead leave such welfare to the private sector and private donations... instead of using compulsory taxes in order to pay for such social programs.

My friends posed a rather pointed question... which world would I prefer to live in... mine where people do for themselves or hers where people help each other out.

While I’m all for voluntarily helping other people out I felt that her wording of her world was too vague and instead picked mine... at which point she said “Fine... then you can pay for your own dinner,” going back on her earlier comment to pick up the tab for the three of us.
I didn’t mind in the slightest as I had gone in expecting to pay for myself and replied, “That’s just fine, no one is forcing you to do such a thing... but I out of the kindness of my heart will take care of the tip (something I am generally against) and not charge you cab fare for the ride back to your house (I was driving).”

All in all I would say that I did drive my point home and eventually proved them... even though they did not quite agree with me.

That’s ok though... here’s hoping they eventually see the light on issues such as these.

Even if that takes a while, I was thrilled to see that my pitch for the FairTax went over quite well and both seemed to love the idea.


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