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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Scammer Alert: jessy_helpm

I'll write more on this another day but be warned if you get an IM from a person on Yahoo by the name of jessy_helpm. She is a Nigerian scammer trying to get money so she can come back to the states.

Avoid her and anyone else with similar claims!

How far will Jack go?

Every Monday night @8 with countless Americans I sit in front of my tv watching 24 and enjoy seeing how bad each day gets for Jack Bauer.

While some say that the show is worthless because you know that they aren’t going to kill off the main character as Kiefer Sutherland signed for 3 more seasons, I disagree.

The reason I watch 24 has nothing to do with hoping that Jack Bauer will die... instead it is two other things:

First, I watch to see who else will die as it is pretty much open season on everyone else.

Second (and more importantly) I watch because it is entertaining to see what kind of situations the writers put Jack into in order to stop the terrorists.

Lets recap some of the more outrageous things that Jack has done in the last 5 seasons: robbed a bank at gunpoint, robbed a continence store (also at gunpoint), shot his boss with a tranquilizer dart, helped drug lord escape from prison, encouraged prison guard to play Russian roulette (resulting in the death of the guard), beaten countless CTU officials senseless, attacked a ChiCom consulate, deliberately shot bad guys wife in the leg... just to name a few.

I won’t spoil it just yet but the previews for next weeks episode of 24 show Jack crossing a line that he has never dared before and it makes me wonder... how far is the show willing to let him go in order to stop the terrorists?

I am coming to wonder if in a future season we might find that Kimberly Bauer (Jack’s daughter) is the mastermind of much of the day’s events and is actually leading the terrorists because she wanted to stop the death and destruction that always surrounds her father.

At the end Jack is given a choice... save SxGF/Los Angeles/the Presidency/the world/etc or let his daughter live.

Could Jack Bauer kill Kimberly in order to save the day? Only time will tell.