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I Hate Linux

Monday, October 10, 2005

Interesting Referrals

I've been meaning to write about this for sometime, however one referral today forced it... Due to the cobuyitaphobia wars, my standing with Google got pretty high and because of it my blog is often returned near the top of many relevant searches... and sometimes, not so relevant ones.

Today I noticed two searches that resulted in people visiting my blog that I thought quite humorous:

While I have no strong feelings either way regarding Mr Delay, it is an unfortunate result no doubt caused in part by the name of this blog, of course, that's not the only one...

Try a search for:

Some of those came up in a discussion on a previous post with a person claiming to work for Dish Network and who found the entry through a Yahoo search for: 'hate dish network'.

A couple of interesting Google blog searches include:

Also recently, a series of Google Images searches have returned images from the Daniel Abbott Terrorist Experience post, searches such as:

You will notice that there are several searches for just the word ‘terrorist’... you will notice though that they are to different regional versions of Google which makes such searches truly interesting... and puzzling.


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