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I Hate Linux

Monday, October 10, 2005

Interesting Referrals

I've been meaning to write about this for sometime, however one referral today forced it... Due to the cobuyitaphobia wars, my standing with Google got pretty high and because of it my blog is often returned near the top of many relevant searches... and sometimes, not so relevant ones.

Today I noticed two searches that resulted in people visiting my blog that I thought quite humorous:

While I have no strong feelings either way regarding Mr Delay, it is an unfortunate result no doubt caused in part by the name of this blog, of course, that's not the only one...

Try a search for:

Some of those came up in a discussion on a previous post with a person claiming to work for Dish Network and who found the entry through a Yahoo search for: 'hate dish network'.

A couple of interesting Google blog searches include:

Also recently, a series of Google Images searches have returned images from the Daniel Abbott Terrorist Experience post, searches such as:

You will notice that there are several searches for just the word ‘terrorist’... you will notice though that they are to different regional versions of Google which makes such searches truly interesting... and puzzling.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

It was a cold day in... my livingroom

Last night after I got home from wings night I notice that my place was rather cold... so I did something I have not done since May... I turned off my air-conditioners.

No, they were not actively cooling that entire time, their internal thermostats kept them from turning my place into an arctic tundra (which wouldn’t have been a completely bad thing), however it was a sad time because it was the first time either had been off deliberately in all of that time.

Boy am I glad I don’t pay utilities for my apartment!

Now comes the tricky part... trying to keep my buddy Dosch (yes, the same Dosch from asking for his large window unit back (the place he lives has central air) which was the reason that my entire apartment was livable this summer, rather than just my bedroom.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Strange Lights

This morning while driving to work I saw a pair of flashing yellow lights at a mile or two ahead and tried to remember the rules of the road for that while puzzling after what the vehicle might be... probably need to slow down in either case.

Not long later, the strange lights changed... from flashing yellow, to flashing red and blue. "Sure looks like a cop" I thought, "definitely need to slow down" (no I wasn't speeding).

A few seconds later... the blue and white lights disappeared, and were replaced by a slowly (and quite small) flashing white light.

After closing the distance on this object... what did I find? A school bus.

It amazes me that they are able to have lights that look so much like an emergency vehicle from a short distance away, but then, I have never seen blue lights on a school bus before.