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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Daniel A. Terrorist Experience

It was reported last fall that I was allegedly a terrorist.

Today though, I have conclusive evidence that the person making that report is himself, Dan A. (aka 'The Daniel A. Experience', aka 'The Dan A. Experience', aka 'The Dan A. XP', aka 'tdaxp') is himself a terrorist... unfortunately, a rather inept one as you see below:

01 kneeling

This image was recorded by one of my home security cameras... put in place because of people like him.

07 hostage_bw

Notice his ineptitude? Not only can he not properly hold an AK-47, but he also takes a stuffed rabbit as a hostage! This friends is why we will crush him and his fellow Mujahideen, as well as other Islamic fundamentalist terrorists... they just don't know how to win!

For full details of his conversion, see Dan Abu Td'axp al-Iksperiyenciyya, Mujahidi

Edit: 10/27/2006. At the request of tdaxp I have removed his last name from the title and body of this post and replaced it with an initial.


  • Well, this was a non-inconsiderable resemblance...

    Terrorist Hat?

    Definitely Terrorist Hat!

    -Dan tdaxp

    By Blogger Dan tdaxp, at 2:04 PM  

  • Hmmm reading your blogs is rather amusing. This one seemed to be funny, untill the last lines. I think talking about "crushing him and his fellow mudjahideen" is a bit harsh. It also reflects the root a problem: The USA and many Americans think they can solve problems by crushing them. At the other end, some Muslims think they can get what they want by crushing the USA. The reality however is: none is right. Problems are not solved by crushing, but by building. The European Union was build indeed after crushing the Nazi regime, but not by crushing the germans! The germans were aided and Germany was quickly rebuild under US leadership and direction. I don't see this form of enlightment in the current USA. Bush talked about a "Marshall-Plan for the Middle East", it remained talking, 2 years after the war in Iraq nothing happened but the same every day: bombings on US soldiers, at least 1 dies everyday, and no US media who reports that. In Europe we smiled when we heared CNN saying the 1000-ed US GI died somewhere in 2004.... European media have counted them way earlier.... see the difference of perception?

    Don't get me wrong, making jokes about terrorist is fine, but keep it light and funny and don't start to talk about crushing. My American wife taught me that btw! We should bare in mind, that even when we don't really mean something, others can take it too serious and spread the word. Imagine how Nazi's could have come to power and killed 6 million jews coz someone joked that jews should be killed and Hitler took it serious!?

    take care and keep on blogging!

    By Blogger Erik, at 3:21 AM  

  • I think you misunderstood me.

    When dealing with strong opposition or even enemies who wish you great harm, you can ask them to be nice, or build whatever you want to try to stop them and protect you, even attempt to completely change the encompassing environment... that does not however change your enemy and there are times when completely crushing them tends to be ones last option, but generally only after other means have been attempted and failed (or in extreme cases).

    You defined a difference between crushing the Nazi's and the Germans and I agree, they are two separate entities, my usage of the Mudjahideen is still correct. While the term originally was a little more noble (not unlike the very early Nazi's), it later grew into a term embodying a concept that became vilified and hated by many. Do you really think asking them to stop is going to make them do so?

    Using the example of the Germans and jews of WW2 is not the best example because the Germans had showed no intention of quitting their evil deeds and probably wouldn't have stopped their exterminations had not the Allies hadn't gotten involved and crushed them with overwhelming military and economic force.

    Also, with regards to the 'Marshall-Plan for the Middle East', I would remind you that the situation in Iraq is quite different than that in Germany, Italy, France or Japan at the end of World War 2. With the exception of Japan (who had effectively no opposition), the armed opposition to reconstruction was limited, enabling it to proceed much more smoothly than is possible today. That's not to say that the Communists in France and Greece, the 'Red Army Faction' in Italy, and the Werewolf Brigades in Germany didn't cause any problem, it was not to the level of the extended fighting we have seen in Iraq. The reconstruction that Bush spoke about, as well as what is needed for the region will not be able to get into high gear, or be at all successful so long as the current insurgency remains, something that must be, like it or not, crushed.

    In the end, crushing ones enemies is not unlike nuclear weapons or other 'weapons of mass destruction'. They are nice to have so that one can say: “cross this line and we will utterly destroy you”, but not a weapon for everyday use and reserved primarily as a last resort.

    Of course, if you really want to criticize the act of crushing, I would ask/suggest that you start at the top and talk to God. No, I am not a religious person, but I do recall quite vividly the story of Noah and the great flood with the goal of purging the evil from the earth.

    By Blogger Brendan, at 7:21 AM  

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