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Saturday, April 09, 2005

God bless the 2nd amendment

In the fall of 03, a buddy of mine's Guard unit was called up and destined for Iraq. During many good byes, I asked him to bring me back a... souvenir, an AK-47, he said he'd try, but unfortunately was not able to (not a big surprise).

Midway through his deployment we decided that when he got back, wed both go in to buy a pair of AK's so as to reduce some costs. Last month, I ran up to Brookings to buy them. To my horror though, I found that the local shooting range was not yet open for the year.

Lucky for me, today that changed.

While I was out buying some rings so that I could attach my scope to my new weaver mount, I ran by the range to see if it was open, sure enough, it would be so until 5. So I gave Mr. Dosch a call and we agreed to meet up there around 2:30 ish.

I got there a bit before him and setup, including safety glasses and ear plugs. When he arrived, I took out the ear plugs and greeted him. After a bit of a chat with the range master, we got to shooting.

Immediately I began to notice a horrible ringing in my ear after each shot, it didn't take long before I realized what an idiot I was... I forgot to put my ear plugs back in.

So now this evening, I've got a slight ringing and discomfort in my right ear. I deserve it I know. I must say though, those AK's are very loud... and fun. I'm still working on getting my scope properly sighted at 100 yards. Its not easy trying to sight a rifle on a bench with a 30 round banana clip sticking out the bottom.

I do hope to be able to use it this fall for some deer hunting. Its a fine rifle, just as soon as you stick enough oil in it... which makes me wonder... given the amount of oil needed to keep one of those things running smooth...I am forced to wonder why the rifle has done so well over the years as it seems like a rather... burdensome requirement for use. Oh well, gotta do what you've got to do.

It should be noted that the previously mentioned Mr. Abbott is horrified by the fact that I own any firearms... and is beginning to think that it would not be a good idea for the Republicans to explicitly limit my ability to own them.


  • As a Canadian, I am surprised a citizen can even purchase an AK-(47 i'm guessing). What exactly is the purpose, other then a macho power trip?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:13 AM  

  • The point to owning a gun like that is hoping that you'd never have to use it.

    AK-47 is a tool. Generally very good for self defense, especially for the country side. It is cheap, rugged, and parts and support are plentiful. This makes it a great rifle for a person who cannot afford to go out and purchase a more expensive 'classy' firearm. The large clips mean that if you end up in a unfavorable position against multiple attackers then you don't have to pause and reload. Although generally a simple pump-action shotgun would be much more preferable to self-defense, especially in a city or suburb were solid jacketted bullets can travel thru thin walls easily.

    Although prices are quite a bit higher then they previously were, due to import restrictions.

    It's very heavy, semi-automatic, with a nice selection of cheap ammo, and some very nice high-quality ammo. This makes it great for plinking and target practice, although a little .22 will still be prefered.

    Disavantages to it is that it is heavy for its size, so carrying it around may not be to hot. Depending on the model and previous owners and country of origin it can either be well made, worn out, or a of very shoddy construction. Morons who know absolutely nothing about firearms may think that it's 'scary looking' or 'for machos/rambos/rednecks/gangsters/etc'.

    And the last disadvantages is that they generally are not to accurate and despite their 'vicious' apearence their ammo is not that powerfull by rifle standards. It's weak enough that it may not be suitable to hunting dear.. The 7.62x39 designed so that a person can fire it at full-auto and remain in somewhat control of the gun, also has a short case to make compact actions to reduce cost, complexity, and weight.

    Probably be better off hunting with a 'real' deer rifle with a .308 or something like that.. They are considurably more powerfull and lethal. But the AK can be perfectly addiquate if you know what your doing and are a good shot.

    I own a different military rifle.. A Mosin Nagant. It's a russian rifle and predates the AK-47 by quite a bit.. original model was designed in the late 1800's (mine is stamped made in 1944). It uses 7.62x57 'rimmed' ammo, which is the oldest military round still in service today. It is very similar to design, power, and purpose to the American-designed 30-06.

    It was designed for small professional armies for highly-accurate military firearms. Designed for a different time.. Critera for power was something like: "It needs to accurate and powerfull enough to take out a horse from a charging calvaryman from at least 200 yards."

    It was used by Russa as the main firearm until after WW2 and until the excelent AK-47-style firearms and the SKS came into service. (Russia gave the inferior SKS to it's "allies" and kept the AK for their own armies for quite a long time)

    The 7.62x39 used in the AK-47 is a shortened version of the 7.62x57.

    If you want a good hunting firearm based on the AK mechanism and being semi-automatic, check out the new guns from the Russian-based Saiga company.

    They have many different rifles and even shotguns based on AK-style mechanisms. I would LOVE to have a little 20gauge shotgun with a 15 round clip and be semi-automatic. Or a 12gauge... But what would look great for hunting is one of their models with a .308. It's basicly just a larger/stronger version of your AK.

    Veriaty of stocks and accessories are aviable for them..

    (BTW I am a happy Linux user. God Bless the second amendment.)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:49 AM  

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