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I Hate Linux

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Non Vanity Post

I almost forgot to comment on a blog post of my opponent from a few days ago where he got after me for a couple of recent posts for using the search term in a few posts, all the while using the search term as often as he could.

Funny thing I thought, was that in doing so he made it clear that it was just a post to try to get better page rank, while none of my entries have done so, all of my posts have been useful updates on what is going on.

If you want to complain Dan, I’m not the one who created word as a topic on my blog and made sure to put plenty of posts that contained the word even when not relevant.

Cobuyitaphobia Bork, bork, bork!

A couple of days ago my opponent IMed me joyfully proclaiming that the timer had reset, that my blog was no longer the #1 hit for a search of cobuyitaphobia.

This began a debate over the original terms of our deal, he claims that top spot only counted for a single site, and that should a site fall from #1, even if the new #1 site was owned by the same person, it still results in a reset of the clock. While I on the other hand felt that it was whoever had the top spot regardless of what site of theirs was on top.

This debate however, maybe moot as depending on how you look at it... my blog is still #1.

A traditional search on google yesterday showed cobuyitaphobia.com as #1, my blog as #2, and my opponents blog as #3... however if you do a search for the term with the language selection of "Bork, bork, bork!" (my regular language for google), my blog is #1, with cobuyitaphobia.com as #2, and my opponents blog as #3.

Quite odd I must say.

More so... is that tonight he laughed even more, 8 days in with the new #1 spot in a regular English search, a single geocities page I put up with a few links to my blog… how such a site that is not linked to from anything of value can be #1... amazes me, oh well. Time to break out the big guns now that I am in the home stretch with 6 days left until my victory.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Cobuyitaphobia Jihad

Dan, my opponent in this epoch battle for top page rank for the Google search term of cobuyitaphobia have agreed to rules for this engagement.

In short, who ever can take and maintain top position for 2 weeks will win. So far, I am ahead at 3 days in with 11 to go.

Interestingly, yesterday cobuyitaphobia.com dropped from #1 to #3, elevating the two battling blogs up one spot each.

Because of the sear evilness of my use of cobuyitaphobia.com, I feared that my opponent might try something similar, so as a preemptive strike I nabbed cobuyitaphobia.net and cobuyitaphobia.org. All now resolve to the same server, just different pages. It will be interesting to see what such content rich pages will do to this.

If you will excuse me though, I must go find an Imam to issue a fatwa, declaring the righteousness of my cause against the evil infidel who calls himself "The Experience".

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cobuyitaphobia Wars: Episode II

This evening while in class and VNCing home for a moment, a friend was mocking my choice in masters degree programs.

Looking for something to mock him back with, I googled the term we are at war over (cobuyitaphobia of course), sure enough, my site, cobuyitaphobia.com was #1 with my blog in a close 2nd, and not far behind was his blog at #3.

It seems that I have won this round, and told him so. Of course, he swore swift vengeance.

I am forced to wonder what his next move will be... but then I don’t think it matters too much because I have two further moves in the works with only one executed so far. When both are complete, I expect my victory will be total and my position secure against him.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cobuyitaphobia Wars

It seems to be on.

Mine was the first site to use the term cobuyitaphobia according to Google, so naturally I quickly achieved #1 page rank for the term.

Unfortunately, a friend took it upon himself to try to take the top place from me and has made it a point to use the term whenever he could in his blog to artificially inflate his rating... quite sad, but I suppose not as sad as my buying cobuyitaphobia.com.

Yes... it is most definitely on.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Duty Laden Foreign Disk Importing

A couple of weeks ago, my Windows 2000 hive files got corrupted. How, I do not know, and lacking backups, I set out to reformat (a semi annual occurrence (formatting, not hive corruption)).

When it was all said and done, I was slowly plugging in my secondary HD’s (2 IDE, 1 SATA and 1 USB (~570 GB total)), all of which are in a Dynamic Disk Set.

I am not going to go into much detail on Windows Dynamic disks, suffice to say they are useful... and risky. Within a set, disks know about each other, so when you plug in one, it will let the system know what others are expected, and sometimes refuse to function without the others (even in a non RAID setup).

I started with my external enclosure, plugging it in and going into Disk Management and accidentally selected “Import Foreign Disk.” Normally when you plug in a Dynamic Disk that is a member of an already active set, the disk will be offline and must be reactivated, and is something I did quite frequently when I would plug back in the drive in question... this time my mouse finger was just too fast for my eyes and when I realized what I had clicked it was too late. To my horror, it nuked its membership in the existing set and listed the entire drive as unallocated.

Hoping that it could be restored, I shut down and added the other 3 drives. Getting back into Disk Management... I found the set, including the 160 gig partition that had been nuked (on the physical disk) as missing (ie with the red x), right next to a 160 gig drive listed as unallocated.


I dug a bit and found a demo of GetDataBack for NTFS. Lucky for me, it could identify and recover all of the files I had feared lost, so I plunked down $80 dollars for the full version of it (recovery was of course disabled in the demo). A lil pricey, but I F-ed up and I deserved to pay for my stupidity in this case.

The moral of this story? Be very careful when you Import a Foreign Disk under Windows, as you will lose your normal ability to access your data on the drive.

Friday, February 04, 2005

msn search will crush google

Blatantly stolen from blogs.msdn.com and the blog of Adi Oltean, we have the following...

1) Go to http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=1&hl=en
2) Type "msn search"
3) Check out the last suggestion at the bottom...