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Friday, December 03, 2004

Online Polygraph

One of the few (alright, the only) things I like about spam, is how now and then, the item being sold, or the way it is being sold is so ludicrous, that you can't help but wonder if anyone is dumb enough to fall for such a ploy. Sadly we do know there are plenty as they help enable what makes such attempts profitable.

Sure enough, I just ran across an interesting bit of spam in my mailbox today, offering online polygraphs, a bit of their message said:

This program is best use for pre-employment testing in the convenience of your
office Just have applicants take the test for about 12 minutes and you get the
results 5 minutes later The ones that pass your test requirements you can send
to a pre-employment polygraph test This way you don't send all applicants and
you save a lot of money

Of course, such a device is virtually impossible to do online without some sort of hookups to the individual being tested, after all, a polygraph is, as defined by dictionary.com

An instrument that simultaneously records changes in physiological processes such as heartbeat, blood pressure, and respiration, often used as a lie detector.

At least this one wasn't another one of the pleasant pre-qualifications for a quarter of a million dollar loan at 2% fixed for 30 years.

I think I will leave the thought about my hatred of the term 'lie detector' as opposed to polygraph for another time.


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