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I Hate Linux

Friday, August 13, 2004

"Blood on the walls"

Now for something completely different, a post that has nothing to do with Linux!

A little over a month ago, I had my house broken into, long story short, I quickly found out who it was and turned them into the police. This week I requested and obtained a copy of the police report.

Part of the burglars written statement said and I quote (including same punctuation):

I went into my neighbors house and took $15:00 dollars in change and went through the window. I was in the wrong. But my Land Lord told my mom that He thought that he did drugs and that there was Blood on the walls so I went into check. and that was when I took the money. I pushed the air conditioner in and left.

You can find full details here.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Clearing a few things up...

I’ve received a bit of hate mail and even a few blog comments that question my intelligence, maturity, and more from people who seem to miss understand this blog and its author.

See the 1st word in the name of this blog? That’s right, the 1st person ‘I’, you know, Brendan, the guy writing this blog. Everything here is based on ‘I’, from my perspective, how and what I see, think, and feel about Linux.

Is everything I say correct? I think so, however not all may agree, and resorting to childish insults in order to say I’m wrong is sure not a way to prove one’s side as right. It’s unfortunate that a few have decided to act as such.

I often see the debate of Linux vs Windows, or Mac vs Linux, etc as a holy war, not unlike ‘which religion is right’. In such a standoff, is it any surprise that I think my side is in the right and is best and that I am not a fan of the other?

Some have even tried to convert me to the other side... unfortunately none have been able to show me how Linux can work better for me and my needs than Windows... of course I am the same person who still runs Windows 2000 at home and at work because I do not see any benefit to upgrading to XP (Longhorn however may be a different story).

Some have even gone as far as to call me a bigot... which I think is quite funny because I am pretty liberal in many things, especially when it comes to most personal choices... While I may not like something (ie Linux) I’m certainly not about to try to force someone not to do what they want, I will simply state my views on the subject.

To those who wish to continue to engage in an active debate over the merits of one OS over another, I welcome you to stay and continue to do so.

To those who act out in childish ways such as name calling in order to try to insult me into accepting their side... I say you might as well stop. Your e-mails and blog comments will be deleted soon after they are received... but not before my laughing at them.