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I Hate Linux

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Advice on selling ones soul to Microsoft.

I've had it. I've honestly tried to use Linux, and lately while doing development under Linux, I decided it was time to give up.

I received an error message and the only English results on Google were simply links to the source code!

I cannot begin to describe the problems I had at work recently when trying to install various packages (wxWidgets, XercesC, kDevelop)... so I will touch on a few. In most cases, current RPM's were not available for the distro I am using (Mandrake 10), so I had little choice but to build from source. But of course, each package I would attempt to configure would inform me that yet another was required!

How I longed for a simple installer with multiple "Next" buttons leading me to the final "Finish" button where I am informed that the installation is complete and that I can run the application.

When trying to find solutions to problems, I would often use Google and especially spend time looking on message boards or bug tracking DB's, sadly, on the off chance I'd find a post related to my problem, the response would be in one of the following categories:
  1. No response at all (~84%)

  2. Various different suggestions, none of which resolved issue (~10%)

  3. A working solution (<1%)

  4. "That's a great idea, why don't you implement it" (~5%)

Only once has the Microsoft KB let me down. It was in the case of the error: "socket notification sink". Even Google let me down with that one. Thankfully the problem went away on it's own as the few errors I have under Windows generally do.

I've always been a fan of Microsoft software. Granted, I've had errors, incompatible hardware, obscure error messages, but each time, there was a simple solution. Not so for me lately with Linux which as said above is why I think it'd be worthwhile to sell my soul to Microsoft.

That leaves the question: What is the best route for banishing Linux from my home (and preferably work as well)?

I'm leaning towards purchasing the Samsung I600 Smartphone to help pledge myself to my platform of choice. Sadly I am forced to wonder what I'll use in place of my WRT54G router which runs Linux... I wonder if it'd be possible to install Windows CE or some other Windows derivative to it.

When it comes to coding, frankly, I love .NET. Writing code in VB.NET or C# (still learning) is a delight, I never have to fight the IDE or the compiler. I have not had any problems occur within the framework that I could not easily find a solution to. The same cannot be said for Linux and the IDE's I've used there. Under kDevelop 2.0 I had horrible problems with docking where some windows could not be docked as they had once been. 3.0 is no better in my book as in is an extreme pain to remove multiple files form a project with out getting carpel tunnel.

In support of my love of .NET I'm working towards an MCAD (1 test down, 2 to go) and it only reinforces my love of the underlying technology and it's ease of use.

As yet I have been unable to sway my place of work away from Linux as they are moving towards now and possibly Java in future... my only choice there is to keep up the good fight and show them how much better life can be on the Windows side of life.

So Microsoft... do you want my soul? It's here for you if you'll take it.