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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Snitch #14: The final chapter?

Given the continued evidence that the snitching program has ended... coupled with the fact that I really am quite busy with my day job, it's become quite clear that maintaining a daily letter writing campaign to the White House just isn't wasn't going to work for too long... so tonight I present my final letter (for the time being) in this series:

From: Brendan Grant
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 11:58 PM
To: president@whitehouse.gov
Subject: It's time for a change...

To whom it may concern,

For the last 2 weeks I have daily written you regarding various fishy statements coming out of the White House or from its closest supporters, and in all of this time no one there has seen fit to reply to me or even add me to David Axelrod’s spam list... so I am sad to say that this will be my last daily email to you for the foreseeable future.

None the less I wish to write you a final (at this time) email with a few thoughts to expand on mine from the previous night on the kinds of healthcare reform that would actually produce measurable gains and benefits without restricting personal freedoms in this country.

While it is rumored that the President is content to be a one-term president if he can get his health care agenda passed, should he rely on the congress to utilize Reconciliation (aka the so called ‘nuclear option’), he risks not only making himself a one-term president, but alienating a significant portion of the electorate so that in 2010 not only are reconciliation supporting democrats (in the house) punished... but so to would they in the Senate... just as they would be in 2012 and 2014.

In the spirit of the death-panel provision of various bills which were pointed out by Sarah Palin and eventually removed from the Senate bill that referred to ‘end of life counseling’... please allow me to offer some end-of-political-life counseling, not only to the president and his cabinet... but to the entire Congress.

The unfortunate fact is that between the stimulus bill, the continued bank bailouts, the AIG bonuses, cash for clunkers, S-CHIP, brining a new unifying tone to Washington, and the appointment and confirmation of Timothy Geithner... this administration has utterly failed in virtually all of it’s domestic pushes... and rather than admit their own failures, has spent a great deal of time trying to blame the previous administration (despite the current one being all too eager to pick up the previous ones torch and run with it)  but also to claim that there wasn’t enough regulation (ultimately a failure of government) and claim that the only solution is more government.

While some would say that your foreign policy has largely been a success... I’m forced to disagree. On Iran you opted to side with those who rigged an election and stand back as they brutally oppressed the opposition. In Honduras you once again sided with the clearly illegitimate party against the will of the people. You have time and time again alienated the British. You’ve allowed the North Koreans to continue to test its arms, negotiated with them for hostages and all but ignored the Russians and their continued attempts to re-assert themselves.

Perhaps... it is time that this administration take a second look at what they’ve done since January, see that their actions and initiatives thus far have been wildly unsuccessful, admit that they may just have been wrong and try a different direction... but instead of a government managed/mandated/implemented direction, consider a free market one.

This administration like many on the left has been quick to attack the free market while luxuriating in its benefits. When will you recognize that these evil corporations and rich people are the very same people that create jobs and wealth in this country, not the government. That they are the drivers of economic growth, not the government. That partnering with and reducing restricting and taxes on them is the way to bring about massive growth and expansion in our country... not further regulation and taxes.

Brendan Grant,
Redmond, WA

And of course... I also submitted this letter through the new web based snitch page as well:

(Click for full size)

Ahh how one day I look forward to looking through the Obama archives to see the letters I sent to them so long ago.

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  • Just a quick note... the "death panel provision" was actually written into the bill by pro-life Republican Johnny Isakson of Georgia.

    It's also virtually the same provision that was in the 2003 prescription drug bill that had pretty much all of the GOP behind it. The only difference between the last one and this one is that the counseling be completely voluntary and extended to more than just terminally ill patients... so, planning for what you want to happen before you become terminally ill. And as someone who's father has Parkinson's, pre-planning for what you want to happen is VERY important.

    By Anonymous Justin, at 2:54 AM  

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