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Sunday, August 02, 2009

How to keep yourself from getting hired

In these days of a difficult job market... one must work even harder to land a job, let alone an exceptional one... as well as be careful what one does both on and off the job market... and having your name be Bing-able in such a way that returns many negative hits... isn’t likely to help, especially when you are the one creating that issue.

This morning I ran across this story about a woman in New York City who is suing her old college for $70,000... not 4 months after graduation for the cost of her tuition.

Why? Because she can’t find a job.

While I can certainly feel for her... she’s going about it all wrong as believe you me, having difficulties on the job hunting front is something I know thing or two about.


I graduated with my undergrad back in December 2003, had a summer internship, but during the summer of 2002 I remained unemployed and vowed not to let that happen again, a difficult task as at the time entry level jobs in the technology industry were hard to come by.

Come January 2003 I embarked on a massive resume spamming campaign where in 10 days I mailed out 110 personally addressed, semi-tailored cover-letters and resumes (each individually licked closed as well) to businesses throughout the country (but mostly focusing in the South Dakota area).

From all of that I received 20-25 form responses that were mostly along the lines of “we’ll add your resume to our tracking system and let you know if something opens up”... 3-4 phone calls asking to know more, 2 interviews, and one job offer (which I accepted).

All the while I still utilized my school’s Career Services department for more leads... one of which lead to a fantastic interview which lead to a second one immediately afterwards and a possible position I ended up having to withdraw from consideration of later.

If the plaintiff in this case was never given a single lead from the school’s Office of Career Advancement and never returned her calls when she went asking for help, and was witness to locked doors when she’d come asking during normal business hours... I’d think she has a case... but if they pointed towards a position or two, she applied and didn’t get a callback, I’m more included to point the finger of blame back at her for not being able to sell herself adequately... sadly the article is not specific as to what exactly she expected to receive and what was offered/given to her.

And yes... the above is being said by a guy who shamelessly panhandles for funds online to help pay off his student loan debt.

What’s the difference? With all of my debt (both student and otherwise)... I’ve never once blamed another person or organization (well, except for once rather sarcastically when I took idea and ran with it and had it bite me initially because I didn’t do my homework and read the fine print (once again, my fault and no one else's)).


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