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Friday, April 24, 2009

Drop baby drop! ... or 2TB becoming price competitive?

Even before joining the Windows Home Server team I could just never have enough hard drive space and was always thrilled as new and bigger drives came out and prices across the board eventually came down due to competition.

This morning I got an email from Fry’s with their weekly specials and the one that caught my eye... an internal 2.0 TB HD for $229, something that completely blew my mind as largely the same drive is sold on NewEgg (and elsewhere) in an OEM configuration for $300 and the lowest price on Live Cashback is being reported as ~$280.

(It’s also worth noting that Fry’s is also selling the 1.5 TB Seagate (retail boxed) for just $117)

While I don’t know if the Fry’s price will be matched by any other companies, it does suddenly put 2TB drives into the mix in a more competitive way as it lowers the cost per gigabyte from 14-15 cents to 11.5 cents which is rapidly approaching affordability and competitiveness.

How does that compare to other drives on the market?

The 1.5TB drive from Seagate generally goes for around 8 cents per gig, while 1.0 TB drives generally come in around 9.5-10 cents/gig.

While my Home Server at present *only* has 5.91 TB of storage, I certainly look forward to these prices coming down even further as time goes on and my storage requirements increase.


  • Couldn't agree with you more. I've been eyeing this since they first came out but the sweet spot for me is aroun $200 per drive. Then I can afford to sell my 6 1TB drives and replace them with 6 2TB drives. Those VOBs take up a ton of space.

    Now, if only you can work your magig with X360 team and have it support playing VOBs from a WHS!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:35 PM  

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