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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Maybe this state isn't so bad

Those who know me know I haven't been overly thrilled with the Seattle area and what I've seen of Washington in general as it's just too big/crowded/busy of a place.

The news last week of the Washington Governor being refused entry to a bar because she didn't have an id on her I had to have faith... yesterday though I saw/heard awesomeness.

Back in South Dakota it was not uncommon to walk out of my house and hear cows mooing in the distance... this evening after I walked out of Building 43 I heard a sound in the distance I'd not heard outdoors in quite some time... bag pipe music and after a bit of exploration I found a 5 bag pipe players and 5 drummers on top of the building 41 parking garage... unfortunately moments after they saw me they quit so I left... but still neat to see.

Today though, just before getting home to finish this blog post I saw something that swung things back into the bad column... while waiting to cross the last street on my way home I saw a maroon Toyota Prius with a large hammer and sickle emblem on the hood.

I knew there were communists around here... but I didn't think many would be so bold.


  • I'm confused. Are you implying that one cannot honorably be a communist, or are you implying that a communist cannot wisely/safely admit it in public?

    The neat thing about tolerance is that it allows you to peacefully coexist with those you disagree with.

    By Anonymous jimbo, at 8:34 PM  

  • sometimes tolerance is hypocritical.

    people who advocate it sometimes want to decide who to be tolerant with, and who don't.

    under which parameters, who nows? you haven't defined these yet.

    when you do, tolerance will not be an absoute thing.

    tolerate everybody vs. tolerate those who also tolerate.


    By Blogger juanandres, at 2:25 PM  

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