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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dozier Internet Law: Toothless Cowards?

It's now been nearly 2 weeks since I demanded that Dozier Internet Law file suit against me for my alleged copyright infringement in republishing part of the full text of their C&D letter directed to Infomercial Scams.

I'd hope that the week deadline I gave them would be enough. It came and went. So I gave them almost another week... and still nothing, this all despite telling them when I was out of town and how they could find me.

I can only assume that given neither I, nor Infomercial Scams have been sued with... the threats of Dozier Internet Law are without merit.

Given the continued irrationality on the part of Dozier Internet Law and it's now claiming that browsers are unable to view their page source and that US law would not govern if these issues ever came to court... there is only one place to escalate this to (short of suit from our side)... parodies!

I present the first of many parody images I have created (from scratch (unless Dozier claims copyright of the colors that are used)) that discuss some of the views of Dozier Internet Law:


I know, it doesn't fit well on my blog)

Rather than hide behind their web site and make such laughable comments in blog comments... they should better advertise what they believe in on their web site and let potential clients have a better idea of what they are getting into if they were to hire them.

Please note that the above image is copyrighted and as such may not be copied or used without my permission. All readers of this blog however may use the above image and all later Dozier Internet Law related ones on their own blogs, and web sites and print media in a manor consistent with its intent.

All other uses, especially that by Dozier Internet Law or any of its agents, actors or other thugs is expressly prohibited.

This permission does not include any commercial use of the above parody however. In a week or two after I've made and published another dozen or so, the most popular designs will be made available on T-shirts and other such wares (with all profits going to charity) so as to better spread the word and humor regarding our friends at Dozier Internet Law.

Note: This web site is in no way officially associated with or sanctioned by Dozier Internet Law, it's managing partner John Dozier or any other person working for the firm in question.


  • Buyer beware. Do your homework before hiring Dozier Internet law. If you do, you will be making an enormous mistake. They don't give a rip about their clients--they care deeply about the money.

    If you hire them, be prepared to be threatened, receive shoddy legal advice, be lied to, and receive bills that left other lawyers speechless.

    Hopefully, we all will report the unethical behaviors to the Virginia State Bar so that others will be protected.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:32 AM  

  • Aside from what we've seen all too often online... can you provide any specifics?

    By Blogger Brendan, at 11:56 AM  

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