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I Hate Linux

Friday, August 10, 2007

My Hero: The Fedex Man

Previously on this blog I’ve been rather critical of FedEx and some of their seemingly pointless business practices (1, 2, 3)... I'm happy to say that it seems that they aren't all bad.. meet my new hero, a random FedEx driver who I encountered on I-80 while driving from Omaha to Lincoln a couple of weeks ago.


Why so?

After a quasi family reunion in Omaha that weekend I finally had a chance to visit Dan of tdaxp and his lovely wife Fei (The Lady of tdaxp) in Lincoln for the first time, a place they've lived for 2 years now.

On a side note... I'm very let down that despite an impromptu wedding in shorts... neither has a ring. For shame Dan... Shame!

Now then... while making my way to Lincoln at high speed some traffic was encountered:


Due to an accident:


In that time Mr FedEx driver had enough of cars flying by him in the shoulder to get in front of him and everyone else stuck in traffic... so he started blocking starting with a little white Pontiac:


Eventually a full size SUV got sick of waiting for the FedEx guy to let them all through so the driver took the thing into the ditch in order to get past.

Gotta love the man.

After getting off of I-80 (where the highway patrol waved us all off), I and countless others made our way on a back road that was labeled "Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Highway"... to which I thought:

'Grand Army of the Republic?' Don't tell me Nebraskan's are that big of Star Wars fans...

As it turns out... there was once an organization by that named that was composed of Union veterans of the American Civil War.


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