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Friday, May 11, 2007


A quick follow-up on my break-in of July 2004...

After being released in September the first restitution check has arrived.

Restitution Check

The funny and sad thing about this is that the final amount I thought I was out $60 is likely only 1/3rd of what I was really put out by her... but then I didn't know that she had been a repeat visitor to my house.

Interesting note about all of this that I forgot to blog about when it happened... back in the August or September 2006 timeframe I was chatting with some random person on Yahoo and midway through he conversation she noticed the break in link on my Yahoo profile and was shocked to see that she knew the person in question and said:

and her story is wayyyy different then yours...she told me you were her moms boyfriend
Small world eh? Care to take a guess as to how this random person knew my burglar? As it turns out she was in the clink with her... in the next cell no less.

During a brief conversation on the topic, the woman I was talking to got a phone call from someone else she knew from the clink and asked if she knew when my burglar was getting out... as it turns out she was getting out just the next week.

Not long later I had a quick chat with the local State's Attorney and even my burglar's parole officer to be to confirm what I'd heard... sadly it was true however I did get some assurances from the parole officer and was told that the burglar would be living in Sioux Falls with her mom... so chances are I wont likely be seeing her again.


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