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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pre-Class Anxiety II

Note that much of the following was actually written yesterday morning (4/18) and was unable to be posted until today.

With a Dr appointment scheduled for 3 some hours from now, I figured I should do something I've been avoiding a great deal of during the last 2 months since surgery... type like a mad man and once again in support of that, a series of nonsensical blog posts that while they may not look like much, are intended to abuse my hands a bit to test some limits while simultaneously discussing things I've been meaning to for a little while.

Now then... as some know I've been doing some part time training in the evenings and last week was sent out to Rapid City, SD to teach a 5 day long class. Prior to class starting I felt similarly to how I did just before the first class I taught back in November... general performance anxiety which quickly went away once the class got rolling.

Ordinarily when I (or just about anyone else) teaches a class, I prefer a bit of warning so that I can prepare... not so for this one.

The class was scheduled to start on April 9th and the first I heard about it was March 28th. While a week and a half sounds like plenty of time... it's not when the boss leaves you a message asking if you could go to rapid and teach the class... leaving no specifics other than to call him back... so I did. He didn't call me back.

A few days go by and the following Tuesday I'm in the office prepping for my evening mentored learning and am told the specifics on the class and find out that in order to be able to teach it, I must be certified in the area, something I was not at that time, so, I took a quick look at the two books that covered the two required tests, laughed and scheduled the two tests for the next two days, Wednesday and Thursday.

I passed the tests without any kind of problem and got to some official prepping for the course.

You'll note that I have not discussed what kind of classes these were or what kind of certification it was for... I plan never to add the cert to my resume as it has nothing to do with my career field nor would it only hurt me if I were to add it to my resume.

Aside from making good money while there, getting paid the IRS mileage reimbursement rate of 48.8 cents per mile isn't half bad either (~837 miles round trip), not to mention some per-diem for food and miscellaneous expenses.

Needless to say, I can't complain. Now is the waiting for the paycheck to be drawn up so that I can apply the thing in it's entirety to some of the credit card debt I've built up while being mostly unemployed.

Speaking of money and living... I do have to mention that I find it funny that with all of the social welfare programs the Democrats have been pushing for so long... as far as I can tell (I have been researching), I don't qualify for any of them either because I am too educated, expected to be back to work within the next 10 months (god I hope), and/or unable to immediately take any job.

Back on the subject of the class... it went quite well... however I was forced to talk rather fast (something I have no problem doing (other people sometimes have a hard time following)) due to the amount of content we had to get through in the allotted time and in the end my students seemed pretty happy with what they got out of it and I got good marks as well... biggest negative I got was regarding one of the students PC's that broke during a demonstration (I suspect she pushed the hard drive over the limit) and given I wasn't using the provided instructor PC (I was using my laptop instead for PowerPoint and other demonstrations) she had a new one very shortly.


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