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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A good day and a thank you

Much to my surprise... today really shaped up to be a good day...

Early on I made a trip to the hardware store to buy some screws and as part of my change got a 1958 silver quarter, the metal of which is worth about $2.

What were these screws for? My air-conditioners (yes, plural (20,000 BTU combined baby!)), something I wouldn't be able to install on my own very easily, let alone with my hands being problematic and lucky for me, my old college buddy Dan (tdaxp) was coming up for a visit to day so I decided to put him to work and in return I made him fall in love with the Xbox 360 and the game Oblivion (something I'm borrowing from a friend and not very fond of).

Funny thing though... he thanked me for the exposure to my setup... only I don't know why I should be thanked as I basically encouraged him to spend a good chunk of change. Personally... I am quite angry with the man who was there when I bought my xbox, hdtv, car stereo, sub woofers and amp, and deer rifle (separate events) as he caused me to spend a great deal of money (Bad Chad, bad!) and am surprised that I'm getting off so easy from Dan... or perhaps I'll hear about it from Lady of tdaxp... that is of course unless Dan utilizes the 48-Hour Rule.

If anything I wish to thank him for the visit as well as the lunch and beer he bought, but also for the assistance with the AC's... which likely not be turned off until late August (excluding power outages).

While he was here we also went out to lunch at the Hillside Resort, a nice little place off of Lake Madison that he'd never been to before.

I also got some major props for my weight loss (more on that on Thursday).

Later in the day after a walk to go see our old stomping grounds of Dakota State University, he felt a need for a beer and of the 5 bars that make up the '4 corners' region of Madison, only one was open... and much to my surprise it was not so much a bar as it was a rather nice restaurant that I will have to try at one point (stupid diet).

To top it all off... I learned about one of the key arguments made by Justice Kennedy in the recent decision where the partial birth abortion ban was upheld... the potential side effects from regret after an (partial-birth) abortion being reason enough to allow the banning of partial birth abortions.

Agree with the ruling or not... all have got to agree that it is at least an interesting bit of linking.

Aside from getting to see a friend I haven't for a few months and hear some good news from his world related to his upcoming trip to China. That's right... he's agreed to side with Taiwan on the proposed torch route. Sadly he didn't go for my idea last year of running around Tiananmen Square with his girlfriend (aka Lady of tdaxp) with one of them dressed as a tank... something about it being treason for her.


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