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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Death threats and double standards

In the midst's of a discussion on the VTech massacre, one blogger (who will not be linked to her) advocated the killing of Michelle Malkin by saying:

And later updated the post to make things sound a little more sarcastic, jaded sarcasm he called it.

Only one problem, even sarcastically advocating/wishing the death of another person tends to be a no no in our culture.

To add insult to injury, he further amended his post several times to try to explain his actions:

Funny thing about this is in a later post he is critical of a couple of other writers (1) (2) who asks the question of why no one in the classrooms rushed the shooter. A reasonable question that I think many have also wondered... only to the blogger who wished for harm against Michelle Malkin he said:

Ok... he's made a case for a standard, but shouldn't that also apply to him? Or are jokingly advocating someone's death not bad? Are these comments also acceptable in his eyes?

Oh right... they are all jokes aren't they? Funny... I thought what Don Imus said was a joke as well. Granted, it was a very bad one and in poor taste... but tell me then, what is the difference between Don Imus and this gentleman? Why are his poor jokes and comments in good taste while those of Don Imus and Michelle Malkin are not?

Seriously, if there's something I'm missing here I'd love to know what it is.


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