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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Senator Johnson

By now most have heard the news of South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson and his falling ill yesterday and while the news at the time was seeming to be good and that it was not a stroke or a heart attack I jokingly commented to a friend:

I'd wager... that this whole thing is a ploy... either Senator Johnson caused it himself, or some outside party did. Why? Because they want to keep South Dakota in the lime light for that much longer. A month ago there were prospects of South Dakota staying on the national stage for months or years to come due to the abortion ban, but since that is no longer the case (until the next attempt), the pro-South Dakota-enestas have no choice but to take more drastic means to secure the attention.

Such hope was later quashed by the news of emergency surgery through the night and the screams from numerous people on Digg, crying out about the potential loss of the Senate... and not the potential loss of a great man.

With the exception of numerous Ag issues... I have never really agreed with the senior Senator on the more common issues of taxation, foreign policy, national defense, spending, social policy, economic development, etc... but I've always respected the man and thought him a great voice for this state and can only hope that he is able to make a full recovery and continue to represent us.


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