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Monday, December 25, 2006

A new strategy in the War on Christmas?

Note: Despite being raised a Roman Catholic and even being an alter boy for a number of years, these days I can be best be described as being somewhere in between atheism and agnosticism and despite that, I am still part of the ~96% of the country celebrates Christmas every year... provided someone is willing to give me something.

While driving through south-west Minnesota on the way to the Twin Cities to see family over Christmas, I passed through St. James, Minnesota, a town that seemed to have taken the next step in the war on Christmas.

To a minority, the term "Merry Christmas is offensive. To a greater majority the term "Happy Holidays" is even more so... but then who cares about the will of the majority in this day and age of considering peoples feelings.

Anyway, they had taken it to the next step, no longer trying to be inclusive to all faiths, beliefs, cultures or traditions... instead, you have to pick one:

That's right, according to St. James Minnesota, if you have a Catholic father and a Jewish mother... you have to pick one holiday, you cannot celebrate both.

"But Brendan... couldn't they have... lost the 's'?"

Could be... the before mentioned sign was on the north west part of town... maybe it was just those north-st. Jamesers who were crazy... but no, on the way out of town through the south east side I saw:

Or for those who cannot read from behind:

I suppose there is one upshot to this... perhaps St. James is speaking out against the fabricated holiday that is Kwanzaa, something that is even more manufactured and contrived than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.


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