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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Results Time

No doubt other states have a similar page... but here in South Dakota when the election results start to come in there is only one place to turn... screw the tv and radio, this is the internet age baby!

So far with 12 precincts reporting incumbent Stephanie Herseth has a commanding 72 to 26% lead over Bruce Whalen and it is pretty safe to say that she'll be going back to Washington for another 2 years... of course just about everyone (including Bruce himself I'd wager) could have told you before this election ever began.

As for the biggest issue on our ballet this year, referred law 6 (aka the abortion ban), only four precincts (of 818) have reported and it’s already a close battle, 714 for repeal and 750 for keeping the ban (49% vs 51%).

As said previously, I fully expect the abortion ban to be upheld... it’s the other measures and amendments I’m not so sure of... I do expect though that history will repeat itself here and we will see a whole heck of a lot of no’s from the voters on just about anything that’d change our laws or constitution.

In South Dakota we... dislike change. In fact only 3 years ago did we finally make the final move to indoor plumbing and believe you me, it took a great deal of work.


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