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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Have you seen this man?

... I sure as hell haven't.

I dunno about you, but I absolutely love election season. I love the ads from people you'll never hear from again. Lawn signs of no one you've ever heard of for races you don't care about. The constant back and forth bickering from all sides as they try to show that they are the sane and rational one in the race while their opponent wants nothing but to raise your taxes, invade Canada and sell your children into slavery.

It's all so much fun :)

This season I have been a bit disappointed up until 2 days ago... as I saw absolutely nothing going on in the race for our one at large congressional seat.

On one side we've got incumbent Stephanie Herseth (D) who as far as I can tell has released only one campaign video in this race and I first saw it... this week.

On the other we have Bruce Whalen (R)... a man who I heard some indications about winning the Republican Midterm back in June... but nothing else since.

Granted this state has a history of electing Democrats to the House of Representatives (we love all the free money they can help us get) and because the Democrat who is running isn't doing so against a semi-popular ex-governor... she's practically a shoe in... more so when her main opponent seemingly says and does nothing to get his name out there and even try to get elected.

Believe it or not... I'm kind of ticked off with all of this.

I'm ticked off that Whalen has not put himself in front of more voters the way most candidates have this late in the game do.

I'm ticked off at Herseth for waiting so long to hit the airwaves with her campaign ads

And I'm ticked off that we haven't had any good attack ads as we did back when Larry Diedrich went up against Herseth in 2004 where the back and forth of the ads went something like this:

Herseth ad: "I want to fight for you and lower your taxes."

Diedrich ad: "Stephanie Herseth claims that she wants to lower taxes, but really she has secret plans to tax you, your dog and every penny in your piggy bank and eliminate Social Security for the elderly."

Herseth ad: "Unlike what you may have heard, I promise you that as your Congresswoman I will fight to keep Social Security for generations to come and without lowering benefits."

Diedrich ad: "Rather than discuss the issues Stephanie Herseth resorts to attack ads in order to get her point across."

... and so on.

Oh well... at least I have the abortion battle to keep me entertained.


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