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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dutch Prejudice?

This last week while at the doctor I commented about her hyphenated name, where the second half was two words and the first letter of the first was a V.

Sounds Dutch.

So I asked:

Me: "Say, the V*** ***** of your last name... if I may ask, is that yours or your husbands?"
Her: "Oh it's not mine, it's his."
Me: "Dutch?"
Her: "Yes"
Me: "Northwest-Iowan Dutch?"
Her: "Yes... but on the outside of it."

While I was simply curious if she came from the same general area as a good number of my co-workers came from, in her last line she tried to distance him from the core group there.

Who? CRCs. Aka Christian Reformed Church, an offshoot of Calvinism.

She went onto mention that after she got re-married a couple of years ago that she started having new patients cancel on her with no warning or explanation, something she had never had happen in all of her years of practice.

What changed? Her name, and likely those cancelations didn't know if she was CRC or not.

Why would people dislike such a group so? I'd wager that it is the general arrogance of their belief in unconditional election aka predestination. Of course I think a little more broadly about it and guess that it has to do with their faith effectively ruling out free will... of course good luck getting a CRC to admit that.


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