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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Slightly Smarter Minnesota Law Enforcement

Following up on my gripe about Minnesota cops from a month ago, today while driving down Highway 100 here in the twin cities (where I am on ‘vacation’ for a week) I passed by a Robbinsdale police car off to the side of the road with its lights on and a car in front of it... something I did not give much of a thought to as it is not an uncommon sight here.

Not a mile later I saw another two cars pulled off to the side of the road (this time on the middle side) and the car in the rear was obviously the same sort of police car as I had seen previously.

Upon getting closer though much to my amazement I saw both cars with in fact police cars with two officers standing off to the side of the rear one clocking cars.

Freaking Brilliant!

What better way to surreptitiously clock motorists driving by than to hide in plane sight and in a manor many drivers are accustomed to seeing... the look of some poor bastard who got caught doing something he shouldn’t have.

As cool as this was though, I still think one of the best moves I’ve seen is from the South Dakota Highway Patrol where you would find two of them standing on an overpass (one for each lane) clocking cars as they’d come back and then radio to the line of waiting cars on the onramp which car to go after and how fast they were going.

They do this from time to time and it’s kind of entertaining to see because the cars do not wait in line long before heading back out to the road... shame Janklow doesn’t drive much these days.


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