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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sirens at the Zoo

Today marked an interesting day as a buddy of mine, his mom and I all went to the Minnesota zoo to see the sights and see things that none of us had seen there in well over 10 years.

While out and about on one of the outdoor paths we heard this strange noise, almost a siren but also sounding something like an engine whine that is oscillating in a very bad sounding way... we looked into the sky and there was a commercial jet aircraft flying over head on it’s way to Twin Cities International Airport and we all agreed that the noise seemed to be coming from that general direction... so we stopped and watched and hoped that we didn’t see the plane explode in mid-air due to engine problems.

After waiting a couple of minutes it left our field of view behind some trees (while still at a decent altitude) and we walked on.

About 5 minutes later we came across a zoo volunteer and we asked her about the noise and were told that it was the emergency sirens that are tested on the first Wednesday of the month.


All three of us grew up around these parts and now with me living in South Dakota and hearing such things at the end of the month and my buddy living in Arizona, we’ve both become quite de-acclimated to the strange socialist world that is Minnesota.

Monday Brendan... you’ll be going home on Monday... you can make it that long.

That reminds me... I still need to blog about my (declared) victory in an argument on compulsory kindness that I had Tuesday night and because of which I ended up 'having' to buy my own dinner.


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