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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mixed feelings on Minnesota smoking prohibition

I'm struggling a bit here in Minnesota where there is a relatively new law that I vehemently disagree with in principal... and yet I rather enjoy one of the side effects.

What is that? Smoking in restaurants.

Tuesday night while at Benigans my friend asked the waitress for a cigarette which she was more than willing to give and after a few more games of chess he asked if he could get an ash tray and a lighter to which he was told that he couldn't smoke there.

We were both a little shocked and not sure of the extent of the prohibition.

Back in South Dakota we've got a ban that prohibits in most public places that do not have a liquor license... here, the socialists went one better.

A few days ago my buddy and an old schoolmate of his went to a bar in uptown and played some pool there for a few hours and an hour in I realized something... the place didn't stink, there wasn't the reek of smoke and the cloud of haze above from countless smokers.

Don't get me wrong... I think smokers are god damn idiots and despise the smell of their dirty deeds... at the same time though I support their right to do it and to do it where they choose and if I do not like it... I too am free to choose not to go to places where they are.

This creates a momentary quandary for me... on one hand I like the effects of the law while on the other I am against such government intrusions into the lives of people and businesses.

I say that this is only a momentary quandary as I am firmly on the side of the businesses and dare I say it... the smokers to. Once again the Minnesota socialists have gone too far and dared to interfere with the daily lives and businesses of otherwise law abiding citizens.


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