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I Hate Linux

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gotta love a disgruntled seller

A month back after purchasing a port replicator for my Gateway M275 laptop and finding it to be defective I contacted the seller and never got a response.

After seeing that the seller had taken their feedback private I filed a dispute with PayPal over the 20 some dollars I was out and once again... never heard a word back from the seller. After waiting a week I escalated the dispute to PayPal to decide as the seller had in my eyes refused to try to handle the issue amicably.

Another week went by and again he never responded and as a result PayPal ruled in my favor and refunded the money to me from him.

Youd think thatd be it... oh no. Not six hours later the seller filed an unpaid item dispute through eBay claiming that I had not yet paid for the item... a laughable charge considering the auction ended nearly a monthago and I received the item in question a week later.

A quick set of transaction and case numbers later and the seller dropped the issue. Here is hoping though that he doesnt give me negative feedback for his refusal to communicate.


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