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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dakota State Homecomming Parade & Amendment 6

Good times had by all this morning, especially the Dosch-Man's daughter Shelby who ended up with a whole heck of a lot of candy... not that she cared, she was more interested in the mini-football, frisbee and ruler that she ended up with.

Rather the delve into the applause for the local National Guard unit that was out front, or talk about the Madison Volunteer Fire Department's brand spanking new fire truck, or even the librarians and their sadly all too common 'precision book cart squad'... a horrible little maneuver they've been doing at least since I first went to DSU back in '99.

What I found most interesting though... was the abortion debate supporters. Not 5 feet away from where I was sitting there was a man with a 'Vote Yes For Life' shirt on and it made me wonder... will we see detractors and supporters of our upcoming Referred Law 6 vote.

Interestingly enough... we did, one group from Vote Yes For Life and another from the Madison chapter of South Dakota Right To Life and even a few Republican candidates and/or their supporters who were marching on their own were wearing either stickers or shirts to show their support for 6... and yet, I did not see a single 'Vote No On 6' group... nor any visible supporters.

I am forced to wonder if I just missed them... or if they didn't come. If they chose not to come the bigger question in my mind is why?


  • I love Red-State South Dakota. Enough of this hippie paradise of the hippie-academic "Green Zone" in northern Lincoln, Nebraska!

    By Blogger Dan tdaxp, at 5:01 PM  

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