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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A call from South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families

So not minutes ago I got a phone call from a rather chipper sounding woman by the name of Kristine who was part of the Campaign for Healthy Families and after spending a quick moment listing off the reason that the South Dakota abortion ban is bad... and asked if they had my support to help overturn it in November.

My answer... "um... no" and without pausing to hear her reaction I continued...

Call me crazy... but I'm not too keen on a number of the... misrepresentations your side has been putting forth regarding this issue... granted I have no strong feelings either way, in fact I am of the opinion that both sides are fundamentally wrong... but that's neither here nor there. Worst case... the SD ban ends up before the Supreme Court, they say it can stay and turn abortion into a decision left to the states... as it should be. Not days later we would see a Planned Parenthood office in Levurne Minnesota, which frankly... really doesn't affect anyone in this state all that much as it's just 30 minute longer drive.

Through this... rant I heard a few 'OK's coming out of Kristine but never gave her an opportunity to end the convo... when I had finally finished my short speech she said in a rather tired voice, "well, thank you for your time."

A few months ago I had another call on this issue from an 'independent' polling company that asked some rather cleverly worded questions about ones views on the ban and how they *might* vote if such a ban were ever to be legislated or put up on a ballot.

This being my second call I'm forced to wonder how many more I might end up with by the November. I will say though that if I don't hear from the pro-ban side... I'll be kinda let down.


  • Hey Brendan,

    I feel so much better knowing we women of SD have big, strong, morally-gifted men such as yourself to protect us from making our own decisions. Whew! Considering you've spent all of that money on your education right here in SD (which ranks where on education??), I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you're still an idiot. Perhaps you should use your energy on more important and relevant issues.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:38 AM  

  • I so love it when folks show up to insult someone's intelligence and rather than make any... intelligent arguments or in anyway attempt to act rationally and coherently, instead resort to name calling.

    Don't worry though... I wont take your attempt at an insult personally or as a sign of how those who Google for "SD campaign for healthy families" (as you found my blog) act/think/feel.

    Instead I'll just laugh at the anonymous hate mail/comments I receive from people like you who are so unwilling to speak with their own name and stand behind what they say in anyway, or even spend a bit time trying to see what you think of a person is in anyway true. Oh no, name calling is so much easier.

    It is a shame though that you have so horribly misinterpreted my views on abortion or even the ban and once again, rather than looking into the issue further such as recent posts where I examined both sides of the issue and belittled both equally, you resort to insults.

    Way to go!

    Now then... if you would care to have a rational discussion about the issue of the SD ban I would invite you to read parts 1 and 2 of my planned 5 part analysis and questions of some of the different issues related to it, I'd love to hear your opinions based on the facts and not emotions, faith or spite.

    Can/will you do that for me?

    P.S. Part 3 will be going up tomorrow, part 4 on Monday and Part 5... sometime after Monday and not long after I finish it.

    By Blogger Brendan, at 11:03 AM  

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