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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What is so hard about an ice cream cone?

A few times over the summer I stopped by a McDonald's to get an ice cream cone and each time drive away disappointed in the persons cone making skills because I know that it is not that hard as I myself worked at a McDonald's restaurant for four years (96-00) and after some early struggling to figure out the art of it I quickly came to master it and is now a skill that I still retain.

Occasionally a group from my department will have lunch at the local Coyote Canyon which is a buffet style restaurant complete with a soft serve ice cream machine and from time to time I enjoy one of them and where each time my cone ends up being nearly perfect with a spiraling tower that is at least six inches tall... it would be taller except for that there is not enough room below the nozzle to get much higher.

More than once I have been completed on my cone making skills from both workers and passing customers and I've commented on where it came from.

That all being said... I cannot believe that so many McDonald's workers (including a few managers) today lack this very important job related skill.

Oh well... maybe I'm just getting old and bitter.


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