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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What is 'L'?

While watching the poor check in person try to find my name on the voting roster this morning (as well as try to make sense of my middle name) I got a brief glance of the party column and saw a fairly even mix of R's and D's, with my L being the only one which didn't conform to that standard and believe it or not, that caused a problem.

After my name was found and she confirmed my address, she asked of the general area "What is 'L'? Is it independent?" I replied "It's Libertarian, one of the two '3rd parties' recognized by the state of South Dakota."

Of course this explanation wasn't enough, that or she didn't hear me and asked the two woman sitting next to her... and before waiting for a reply called someone over from another table as one of her tablemates replied "Libertarian."

Sure enough the woman from the near by table confirmed that it was ok and that I should be given an Independent ballot as there were not candidates of my party were on the ballot for the primary.

Call me crazy, but in a state when that letter can either be an D, C, I, L, or an R, knowing the limited meanings of Democrat, Constitution, Independent, Libertarian and Republican shouldn't be too hard.

Oh well.


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