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Friday, March 31, 2006

'La Raza' always makes me laugh

As soon as I remember where I got this site from I will give proper credit, in the mean time...

One of the most entertaining and infuriating aspects of the immigration 'battle' going on right now are the pictures. Many that I have seen have been of how the pro-open border side makes themselves look bad, like the flying of the Mexican flag higher than an American flag that was hung upside down. Quite disgraceful.

Today... I found this hilarious and disturbing site.

While many of the pictures and signs are entertaining and show a great lack of foresight on how to make their case to middle America as well as Washington, they also hurt themselves greatly. One reasonable quote appeared midway down the page:

Great numbers of our people grew eventually to over half a million or more people.
Great numbers of our people grew eventually to over half a million or more people. We should be allowed pride in our heritage by waving the flag that represents the majority Mexican descent people of the Spanish language speakers. Mexican and "Central American" people are one people, along with all Indigenous people of this continent. There were a lot of Salvadorean and Guatemalan flags there too. But the American flags dominated because of the "bad press" from the march against 187.

Seems pretty reasonable, after all, much of the protesting against Prop 187 looked very similar to what we've seen so far and helped to lead to its passing.

Here's the problem though, higher up on the page we see this gem:
One of the more negative parts of the march was when American flags were passed out to make sure the marchers were looked on as part of "America".

So... they want American flags to be seen so as not to make them look bad... but then don't want to appear as part of America? Brilliant!

It gets better though, signs that proclaim that "All Europeans are illegal" and claims of the protestors being "indigenous" to this continent... forget the fact that a great many of them have European blood in them... or have they forgotten that 60% of the population of Mexico and much of the surrounding region are mestizo (mixed native and European)?

I seriously wonder how many of them forgot that little fact. Oh well... let them continue in their blissful ignorance while they alienate the middle and likely cause even harsher immigration reform.


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