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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Did the creators of South Park predict the Muslim riots?

Like many since the late 90's I have enjoyed the antics of South Park and their often over the top take on various different issues and in that time, they have been pretty vicious to many different groups and people, but often with a special focus on religion while poking fun at Mormons, Catholics, Christians, Jews, and Scientologists.

Such shenanigans haven't always been enjoyed by all, the latest case of this is Isaac Hayes, the voice of Chef leaving the show because of his offense at an episode from last season named Trapped in the Closet that was pretty harsh towards Scientology... a 'faith' that Isaac Hayes subscribes to.

Given the shows willingness to poke fun at so many different groups I've begun to wonder why they haven't yet gone after Islam.

Sure, in their movie Team America: World Police someone speaking in Arabic would say: "Dirka dirka, jihad jihad, Mohamed Ali, dirka dirka", very similar to what the terrorists in in the episode Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants say... but both were mocking terrorists, not Islam.

Can it be... that Tray Parker and Matt Stone do not fear the legion of lawyers that could be spawned from those they mock, or eternal hellfire and damnation if they mocked the wrong religion... but do fear a possible terrorist attack, suicide bomber or massive Muslim protest outside of their offices?


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