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I Hate Linux

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Planting seeds of evil

There are a number of MSDN blogs I read often, one of them is known as Jobs Blog (aka Technical Careers @ Microsoft) and in reading them for the last year or so I have learned much that I think will benefit me when one day I move on to other jobs.

I should pause to mention real quick that I am quite happy with my current job and have no plans currently to leave, I simply find such information provided there interesting as I doubt that I will spend the rest of my professional career with my current company.

That being said, a year ago Jobs Blog blogger Gretchen pitched and made official “Be Nice to a Recruiter Month” in recognition of the flack that some recruiters receive when calling those who do not want to be recruited.

A year later while in the Microsoft company store she snapped a picture of a “I (heart) my admin” shirt and asked the question 'Where is the "I my recruiter” shirt?!'.

Having a bit of time and money according to my budget that was earmarked for evil I decided to fill that void, and with the help of CafePress came up with this beauty and sent it off to her with a small note and no resume (I didn’t want to seem like I was trying to bribe her after all):

Two weeks later I received an email from Gretchen who absolutely loved it and had even hung it on her wall and even posted about it later.

Here’s hoping that if down the line I apply to Microsoft, that she is still there and has that shirt on the wall... it could be a nifty in... if she and Microsoft were that easily sold, which we both know they aren’t.


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