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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Arrested Development: Why do you keep hurting us Fox?

Continuing to wonder when we might be able to see the two missing Arrested Development Episodes that were scheduled to air on Monday... I once again stopped by the official website which has removed the note about a full hour on Monday… and replaced it with: “All-New Episodes Coming Soon!”

Maybe... this is a brilliant plan for Fox to kill AD once and for all without giving another network a chance to pick it up. How? By reducing the number of episodes in each season.

Lets see...

Season 1: 22 Episodes
Season 2: 18 Episodes - 4 episodes less than Season 1
Season 3: 13 Episodes - 5 episodes less than Season 2

Based on this trend... if they were to renew it for a 4th season, they’d be likely to cut the season to only 7 episodes (6 episodes less than Season 3)... and any potential 5th season would be limited having no episodes given this downward trend (7 episodes less than Season 4).

Damn you Fox and your brilliant scheme to keep everyone from enjoying this wonderful show you refused to advertise or give a permanent time slot.


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