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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Arrested Development: MIA

Like many, I excitedly sat down to watch the final two episodes of Arrested Development last night… only to be disappointed by two back to back REPEATS of House.

Worse yet... a quick look at the Fox schedule doesn’t give any hints as to when it might be airing... the whole while the official website continues to claim “A Full Hour Monday 8/7c”... which sure didn’t happen last night.

In the mean time I’ve got a call into my local Fox affiliate asking question and seeing if they can’t find out and tell me when we might see the final episodes.

What really gets me about this though... is what little advertising there was... said that we’d have the final two episodes tonight. Finally! Fox does some advertising of such a great show (I only saw one spot)... and then change their minds.

In either case... Damn you Fox!


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