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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

LOST Hates the Irish

Aside from every unrealistic and unbelievable aspect of LOST that we’ve seen so far... I realized something quite bizarre today...

On the island... we’ve got 4 black individuals, a middle eastern, a Mexican and 2 Koreans... the rest, look Caucasian (granted I haven’t spent any time studying the background people... why is it we have yet to see a single person with a sunburn?

Are we to believe that anyone on the plane of strong Irish decent was killed either in the crash or very early on?

Odd that we haven’t seen some... red haired, freckled face person step out onto the beach and burst into flames as soon as the sun touched their skin.

Granted I am not a Ginger (although my mother is), I too do not get along too well with the sun... and much time in it does cause me to get awful burned... knowing how many of us there are out there... I just surprised we haven’t seen one person in the shade the whole time due to 2nd degree sunburns (they are quite unpleasant, although doctors tend to love them as they are easy to treat).


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