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Thursday, December 22, 2005

How the striking transit workers can win

As some may know, I am anti-organized labor. Big time.

Today, much to my shame... I realized how the illegally striking transit workers in New York could not only get all of their demands... but possibly secure much much more.

How is this? With the catch word of the 21st century: Terrorism.

Picture this: A disgruntled New York City resident who recently lost his job due to the strike decides to lash out and hurt those who hurt him... so he comes up with some of his own explosives, straps them to his chest and gets as close to the strikers and blows himself up... taking a few MTA union members with him.

Two things would immediately happen.

First, the union would demand better protection from the city of New York, claiming that their lives are in danger due to their lax security and such an attack should never been permitted to happen.

Second, the union would come out and claim that without further (and major concessions) from the MTA, they could not return to work... otherwise the terrorists would win.

Lets not forget, the terrorists (in this case, the few persons who either live or work in New York City and would resort to violence to get their point across) want them to give up their strike and go back to work... and the only way to beat them would be to show them that they cannot win through such means and that the strike must go on, demanding more and more, showing the terrorist that they cannot win!

Later, the union would demand the retirement age be lowered to 45 (with full pension) and get 25% annual raise... and trying to play on the patriotism of New York City... would be likely to get it I fear.

Of course... for this to happen it really wouldn’t have to be a disgruntled and laidoff/fired employee of some company affected by the strike... it could be a union member willing to take one for the team. Stranger things have happened.


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