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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Did Daschle replace Bush?

... or was it Kirk?

While waiting for Family Guy this evening, I watched the address from President Bush. While overall I agree with and liked what he said... early on, I found myself being rubbed the wrong way by how he was saying it.

Here in South Dakota, for many years, we had an, interesting senator by the name, of Tom Daschle. When he would give a speech, he would, pause, at odd times, not unlike another well known individual, Captain James T Kirk, from Star Trek. It occurred to me, that President Bush, was speaking in a very similar way, as if he would read everything on the teleprompter, and have to wait for, it to be scrolled, to the next set of words.

Don’t believe me? Read the above paragraph while pausing for anywhere between 1/2 to 4 seconds each time you hit a comma.

This was how Bush spoke this evening, at least from where I sat, and it served as a good reminder, of why it would not be a good idea, that Tom Daschle should not be elected president. Why? Because people like me, would continue to go insane, anytime we listened, to him talk, naps could be taken, in between sentences. I fear to see how long, a Tom Daschle State, Of The Union, would be.


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